Seitan Limania

The beach of Stephan Seitan or Seitan Harbour is one of the three bays that creates the sea in the area of Akrotiri, in Chania. The name is of Turkish origin, from the period of Ottoman domination to the island and means diabolical (Diabolic / Cursed harbour). This characterization is due to the strong sea streams which are considered dangerous.

Seitan Harbours in the northeastern Akrotiri area, just after the village of Hordaki, are about 20 kilometers from the center of Chania. The beach has gravel and sand and due to its inaccessible location it has only recently become a broadly known and popular destination .

To get to Seitan Limania, you have to follow the road to the airport of Chania and then towards the village of Chordaki . Reaching the village you will turn right and after passing the branch leading to the summit of Mount Skloka will continue to the chapel of St. Raphael. Passing by the chapel of St. Raphael, the downhill road will lead you over the beach, where you will park. Climb down the steep path and after 10 minutes you are at the beautiful beach of Seitan Limania. If you have experience and mood for canyoning, you can also reach the beach after you cross for about an hour the canyon  Diplohahalo that ends with it. The largest rappel is 38 meters high, while it is worth mentioning that somewhere in the middle there is a cave 20 metres long. The beach is also accessible by sea by boat, and since the summer of 2016 due to the increased interest of the visitors, there have been bus services from the Chania-Rethymno KTEL.